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  1. -75 try to hold on. need pot be burned. in next week got a reactor and temperature problem will be resolved.
  2. See warp9 old school is the best school
  3. Very good card. I am afraid to change cooling on my 4870x2 because big chance to get artifacts after change and need re-ball
  4. From my side 12900k is 16 Core cpu. Yes we see Intel banner on HWbot and probably Intel do not like to see 5950 beat 12900k but that is not our problem, when I say our I think we who buy Intel CPUs.
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BvruGhGEHNlD0KmKmr2fgeFr2Q_-pheJ/view?usp=sharing here is link from Gdrive
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