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  1. Surprised there isn't more traffic here. Where is the slacker??
  2. Keith would you be able to share your room with me again this year?
  3. hotrod717

    GTX580 Matrix

    I never took the 1080ti KPE on LN2 nor water for that matter. I used it 3 times on air. What are you talking about? If i had ran this card on LN2 and biffed it, it would be a non-issue and wouldnt be posting anything about it. I didnt. Please find any result where i posted running a 1080ti KPE on LN2!
  4. Wow!! Thats one hell of a chip! Nice run!
  5. hotrod717

    GTX580 Matrix

    I believe that is changing quickly. They apparently have a new policy that started at the beginning of the year. I hate to be one of "those" people, but everyone i've shown pictures to, can't believe they rejected the RMA, and this may serve as good info for those who buy EVGA products. They can and will reject RMA for anything , but a pristine and new looking card, regardless of its intended use.
  6. hotrod717

    GTX580 Matrix

    Found, but i havent had time to flash and test the card yet. Funny enough, I just got a RMA rejection from EVGA for SLI Finger wear or as they say "damage" on a 1080ti KPE I used 3 times on air.. So losing $1k over a intended function of card has had a effect on my wanting to do more than drown my sorrows. Lol. I initially RMA'd for lose of video, but apparently once they find " damage" they reject automatically without any testing. I explored all option and only thing i can do is have card shipped back. I offered to pay for repair and they said no.
  7. hotrod717

    GTX580 Matrix

    Thanks for the response and link. Perfect!! As stated the solder pads alone do not unlock voltage and you need a bios/firmware. Perhaps someone had previously done this for you. - This fourth step is what I perhaps hate the most about this card. To have a really easy bench session, you need to update the firmware to one that has elevated/unlocked voltage, but the firmware seems to be distributed only to those-who-know where to get it. It took me a long time to find the right file (and someone who was okay for this to be updated), but in the spirit of Hipro5-open-sharing, here it is. -
  8. hotrod717

    GTX580 Matrix

    Thanks for the response. Yes, I've owned multiple 7970, 290x, 980, and 980ti variants of Matrix. All but the 7970 and 580 are unlocked by solder pads and GPU Tweak. However, the 7970 and 580 can only be fully unlock via bios. The correct GPU Tweak makes a difference and plays a part as well, but, bios is definitely needed on these two cards. I'll try the cold slow and report back. Forgot all about that link to legacy bios'. Thanks.
  9. hotrod717

    GTX580 Matrix

    From what I can tell, just like Matrix 7970, I need a ln2 bios, shorting pads alone does not unlock voltages.
  10. hotrod717

    GTX580 Matrix

    So I recently scored a mint Matrix GTX 580. Looking for info or experience with enabling solder pads, recommended GPU Tweak, and driver version. I have 344.11 and GPU Tweak working and enhanced. However, as you can see my voltage is limited. Any help would be appreciated. This card is super mint and clean. Unreal find. Do not see a bios switch. Was this a single bios card?
  11. hotrod717

    Titan Xp Dead card?

    Something got smoked near one of the screws holes for sure. PCB looks burnt. Cross check ref. pics. Something may have resided there at one time
  12. hotrod717

    My submissions recieved 0 points

    Yeah, completely unstable and totally illogical in some instances, right now.
  13. TG. I dont think its a paste issue. I have had some cracks, but that is pretty easy to hear and confirm. Definitely cold bug issues. RSVP doesn't seem to help. I have noticed none of the chips like pll term. above 1.45 much. I've had the best luck with 8600k, but after about 20-30 min beyond 140*c, once the cold really gets into the chip, the issues start. The 8700k's and 8350k havent been able to get past 140*c. Really frustrating after a pretty easy time on KB.
  14. Having issues benching beyond -130*C-140*c. I follow previous guides on full pot benching. 4 different chips and 2 different boards. What is different between coffee and kaby. Had no issue with kaby fullpot to 6700mhz. Cant seem to get past 6200mhz and -140*c on coffee and Apex X. Extremely frustrated.