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  1. Wouldn't miss it! I'm closer than ever, right down 83 in York. Looks promising to have so many interested, so soon. Aways a good time!
  2. Maybe i should put some water on this and tighten the ram. This chip wasnt great on LN2,but seems nice on air.
  3. Excellent time as always! Big thanks to Stefan for all the time and $$ getting this event setup once again!
  4. I'll be rolling in around mid morning tomorrow. I still have to pack hardware and too tired after work today. I'll bring a transfer hose. Also have a few extra Corsair Elite thermos from 1st year for some give away. Seems only fitting we are back at New Cumberland where it started. Do we have any wifi or internet access in the room this year?
  5. You know I'm in buddy. What another oc'r close to or in Lancaster Co.?
  6. In for IV. Happy to have it so close to home again. Happy to help with any questions about the area.
  7. Thanks to Corsair and EVGA for sponsoring 2018 Event in Philly. First time benching x299 cold.
  8. Wishing everyone safe travels. I should be arriving around 3:30-4pm.
  9. Same here. Testing platforms and a few last minute additions to my gpu collection. Cant forget the 1st year and needing to get a mobo from Keith, because the Z170OCF and X99OCF i brought were dead or borked.
  10. 3 weeks and counting. It always seems like a mad dash to get packed and ready, regardless of planning.
  11. I'll be bringing a dewar and am sure Funsoul will as well as a few others. Shouldnt be an issue.
  12. Agreed, i would think its much more convenient staying at the venue site. These things usually end up being a long hours type of thing. Its nice to have a room close by for storing gear or just taking a break. Getting gear into venue is usually the biggest pita about the whole thing, last year at least. I drove about an hour back and forth, save one night the first year, and just wish i would have stayed the entire time.
  13. Also, Wanted to say EVGA made things right. They misidentified the issue with so I connector with water damage. No kingpin, they stopped manufacture, but New 1080ti and difference in value with EVGA bucks.
  14. I found what i needed here, in the cold-slow bios thread.It had a tools file. I'm not sure if this card had new firmware flashed or what, but when i installed gpu tweak contained in that folder, i got full control without soldering.
  15. Anyone up to splitting a room? Really dont want to drive 1-1/2 hrs., to and from event for 3 days.
  16. Surprised there isn't more traffic here. Where is the slacker??
  17. Keith would you be able to share your room with me again this year?
  18. I never took the 1080ti KPE on LN2 nor water for that matter. I used it 3 times on air. What are you talking about? If i had ran this card on LN2 and biffed it, it would be a non-issue and wouldnt be posting anything about it. I didnt. Please find any result where i posted running a 1080ti KPE on LN2!
  19. I believe that is changing quickly. They apparently have a new policy that started at the beginning of the year. I hate to be one of "those" people, but everyone i've shown pictures to, can't believe they rejected the RMA, and this may serve as good info for those who buy EVGA products. They can and will reject RMA for anything , but a pristine and new looking card, regardless of its intended use.
  20. Found, but i havent had time to flash and test the card yet. Funny enough, I just got a RMA rejection from EVGA for SLI Finger wear or as they say "damage" on a 1080ti KPE I used 3 times on air.. So losing $1k over a intended function of card has had a effect on my wanting to do more than drown my sorrows. Lol. I initially RMA'd for lose of video, but apparently once they find " damage" they reject automatically without any testing. I explored all option and only thing i can do is have card shipped back. I offered to pay for repair and they said no.
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