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  1. I just read the other post by Rush after I saw my scores change. It seems to me that if anybody bothered to read on the Intel website what integrated HD graphics were on the chip the discussion would be null. So why are going by CPUz on this? It clearly can be seem on the Intel website that k series are HD3000, non k are HD2000, and all the rest are just HD (used to be 1000). I did all my research before submitting with my G530 and its just HD, now you've changed my submission to the HD2000 category to compete with an i5 CPU vs a dual core celeron:confused: http://ark.intel.com/products/52210
  2. I'll give it a run with the big boys...Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  3. Im tryin lol !!!! Finally got it to run over 4100mhz with the window cracked
  4. I guess there is nothing sacred in the PC world...I must be really "green". The character of an individual is represented by their actions in most cases...sadness lol.
  5. org is down apparently so I used MarkReader...a nifty little application.
  6. Had to use Everest CPUID, for some reason everytime i run heaven it messes up my CPUZ
  7. L039B132 2500k http://valid.canardpc.com/cache/screenshot/1771982.png
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