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  1. I have had no issues flashing the apex bios 2103 on my second bios with a cometlake cpu. All i had to do was use ez flash utility then it did the rest itself.
  2. Any guides on installing windows xp Tibx mount with Acronis. Appreciate the good work on the Iso though.
  3. For some reason when setting sa/io manually on the unify ATX it wants too much sa/io to post higher speeds for 1t command rate. For 4200 it needed 1.45sa and 1.4 io for 2x8gb bdie. Something is bugged in this bios for training it seems.
  4. Im not sure how this isn't tested on the release of a motherboard, quite embarrassing. Anyways i am waiting for a new bios, toppc said he would work on VRM readings on hwinfo which will mean more accurate vcore readings in Hwinfo.
  5. Bios still needs optimisation, seems to be many glitches on the atx and itx in terms of daily stability of ram. 1t is fixed on ITX but not on ATX yet unfortunately.
  6. 4000mhz is pretty easy to stabilise even on the ATX, im talking the 4600mhz range.
  7. I do have dllbandwidth set to 0, but dllbwEN i cant seem to find in bios, is this an itx only option i assume?
  8. Yes i do @Sparky's__Adventure. This is my current daily, 4533 mhz i had stable in the past but even with locked rtls/iols it would reboot and become unstable retraining something i couldn't see. Bios is lacking on the ATX for sure.
  9. Wont even post 1t above 2800Mhz. For ram im just running 4400 16-17-17, 4533 is a bit wonky with weird reboot instability. Just waiting for a better bios atm.
  10. Thanks for the info, ill just make my own when a good bios is finally released for the atx.
  11. Is there any chance for a no u-code version for the atx or any tutorial on how to do this?
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