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  1. Dual ranks just faster, nothing special
  2. Same here, cant post rsults saying incorrect fm link. Doesnt work for pcmark05 as well.
  3. Is says uploaded successfully for all 4 results but non of them are in my submissions and in rankings:
  4. Does results appear in your submissions as well ?
  5. Try with my Benchmate files ? GPUPI_1B_CPU_115.670.hwbot GPUPI_3.3_1B_CPU_115.980.hwbot GPUPI_3.3_100M_CPU_5.429.hwbot GPUPI_100M_CPU_5.419.hwbot
  6. GPUPi for CPU. I've made 4 subbmissions of GPUPi for CPU (v.3.2 100M and 1B and v3.3 100M and 1B), non of them appeared in my submissions.
  7. Just made 4 submissions for GPUPi (via Benchmate Datafile) and non of them appeared in my submissions. Is it broken atm ?
  8. Cuz for someone tweaks means cheats Under the "cheat" i ment unknown tweak or some kind of settings issue. In my opinion: when someone knows how to tweak system and don't share tweaks with others - some kind of cheating Although it's not
  9. Found an issue! Who would have thought that forcing off v-sync in nvidia control panel could lead to such perfomance drop when it's usually improves it by removing limits. It's the first benchmark with such issue in my experience. Here's v-sync forced off: And here's by apllication default:
  10. Heres subtests comparisons. To me it looks like some kind of cheat. Ive tried to simulate same config with 3 cores active, no HT, same Windows 7, same cpu/gpu (although gpu frequency doesn’t affect scores much), and im still at around 250k points. heres his result submitted on hwbot: https://hwbot.org/submission/4644564_nata_58_3dmark03_geforce_rtx_3080_280015_marks
  11. How is it possible that i’m getting 30k lower points at the same cpu/gpu/OS config even with higher clocks? what’s the issue or secret tweak for this test? https://www.3dmark.com/compare/3dm03/6548254/3dm03/6548414#
  12. I've just uploaded XTU results and it says that i'm using engineering sample or unreleased hardware? Why ? And after submission it says that "Aurosonic has chosen to disable all rankings for his/her submissions." but i didn't do that.
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