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  1. Well, I’ve tried 2004, 2101 and 0098. None of them works as good with memory as 0088.
  2. Just updated my old good 0088 bios to a latest beta 2004 from Asus website for Re-Size Bar support, and the perfomance of 2004 is worse than 0088. My memory RTL on 0088 was 60-61-6-7 perfectly stable for more than a half of year , and on 2004 i can't train RTL higher than 61-62-7-8 . Are there any better bios with Re-Size Bar support ? Thanks
  3. KRIEG MathBenchmark cant be submited giving error:
  4. I've downloaded MaxxMem from official website, but there's no HWBot submission page in this benchmark. All it has is this main window without any scores like others used for submission. There should be this submission window, but can't find it anywhere:
  5. Anyone knows what's wrong with Fire Strike Combined scores ? Why are they fluctuates so much ? Any way to fix this? Here's 3 runs at the same GPU/CPU/RAM freq at same windows 10 session. Absolutely clean system, no background processes running, no throttling etc.
  6. In w7 pcm10 always gives me lower scores. I’d suggest to use win10 for this bench
  7. Yes, tried http, tried without www, it doesn't work and Leeghoofd confirmed it's hwbot bug and it's in todo list, but not prior.
  8. I know, i've been discussing it with Leeghoofd . I've made another run where i've limited it to not exceed 220, but i can't submit it cuz of invalid validation link error: my new result is here: https://www.3dmark.com/pcm05/3230506 and it can't be submited cuz of hwbot engine error when you get in top10 WR it doesn't recognize the validation link. As soon as hwbot will fix this, i'll update my result. So far it's impossible to do.
  9. It has UL link, here's mine for example: https://www.3dmark.com/pcm05/3230506 The problem is HWBOT engine which doesn't recognize validation link if result points are within top10 WR. If it's less than TOP10 WR, submission pass succesfully
  10. Can we also get fix for PCMark05 please ? Impossible to submit results if they are in top10 WR, it's always says invalid validate link
  11. Dual ranks just faster, nothing special
  12. Same here, cant post rsults saying incorrect fm link. Doesnt work for pcmark05 as well.
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