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  1. please add Disk Configuration drop down choice of M2x4
  2. Hello, AS SSD Benchmark does not accept model (Samsung) 960 Pro. 960 PRO | Consumer SSD | Samsung V-NAND SSD Will not take a result with that hardware. Thanks
  3. Oops. Something went wrong page. On firestrike submit, it gets to 90% and crashes.
  4. This shows as Sandy, but you don't allow it SC3 stage 1 ? Xeon E5 2609 32 nm Sandy Bridge-EP http://valid.x86.fr/yjdv3j
  5. says firestrike extreme, wants catzilla 720p, which is it ? http://hwbot.org/submission/2648679_ I gave it firestrike and it lists it as a catzilla result. Sorry, I hope I didn't mess this up. http://oc-esports.io/#/round/roadtopro_challenger_season0_division1_round1/1721/3dmark_fire_strike_extreme
  6. kjjweber

    Point missing

    I can not find this point from rr5 xtu . I'm not sure what happened. Thank you for your consideration. Edit: the problem has been resolved
  7. I don't see points earned in competitions points yet, is there a delay?
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