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  1. Looking for a nvflash for Riva 128 (ASUS V3000). Can anyone help?
  2. Wow, never used before this soft. Tnx.
  3. Hi. Need OCP and OVP mods for GTX 260 (65nm) reference card with Volterra VT1165MF. Can anyone help?
  4. Hi guys. I'm looking for an old utility Quantum Force 2900 Bios Editor. can anyone share? Thanks.
  5. Overclocking is DEAD! I'm not talking about extreme overclockers. BUT! I strongly doubt that someday the time will come as in the millennium. I remember Mendocino... I have in my collection 433 Mendocino that can do 650МГц with 100 FSB on air! in the 99th it was a bomb!! 100US price processor kicks and kicks and kicks ass many hundred bucks Pentium II 450! this is profit! Or Athlon thunderbird with L1 bridges... bring it on! 700 to 1000! Or 1000 to 1533! This is overclocking! today it's just bullshit with turbos and else... What about amazing R300/350 (9500 to 9700Pro/9800SE to 9800 Pro) or NV40! I love NV40!! 6800LE -> unmask blocks, softvoltmod bios up to 1.5V GPU and you can get 450-460МHz with 6800 Ultra performance!!
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