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  1. Unfortunately, I received a board without a BIOS chip at all. One hope is that someone has one in the collection and will be able to read the dump.
  2. looking for a BIOS image QDI P4U885GRN, alternative name PCI/ISA UD486GRN and MP4-P4U885G
  3. By the way, there is a more aesthetic way to connect the signal #SKTOCC to ground without any wires:
  4. I'm not a fool, I formatted the flash in fat32, but there was no result. Problem solved, everything works great. Mobo like nuclear blast
  5. I tried different flash drives, but the result is zero! The problem was that I formatted the flash drive in Windows 10, as soon as I formatted the flash drive in Windows 7, everything was done without question. Here is such a jamb.
  6. Hi guys, I made all modifications as in the first post, downloaded ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-2402, formatted flash drive to fat32, renamed bios file to creative.rom, trying to flash with bios flash back but button blinking a few times and stops. I'm using the correct usb port. What's wrong? Original bios version is 0402.
  7. Yeah, gigabyte official website says the GV-N595U-GT includes GIGABYTE's unique technology for enhanced graphics performance. I think the frequency automatically rises up to 520MHz after installation V-Tuner 2. Try later. Thanks everyone.
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