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  1. Hi, how you delidding this CPU? How the IHS is attached to the processor? Thanks.
  2. What happened in our country is not fucking funny. We did not participate in the competition, not because we did not want to, but because other problems.
  3. Unfortunately, I received a board without a BIOS chip at all. One hope is that someone has one in the collection and will be able to read the dump.
  4. looking for a BIOS image QDI P4U885GRN, alternative name PCI/ISA UD486GRN and MP4-P4U885G
  5. By the way, there is a more aesthetic way to connect the signal #SKTOCC to ground without any wires:
  6. I'm not a fool, I formatted the flash in fat32, but there was no result. Problem solved, everything works great. Mobo like nuclear blast
  7. I tried different flash drives, but the result is zero! The problem was that I formatted the flash drive in Windows 10, as soon as I formatted the flash drive in Windows 7, everything was done without question. Here is such a jamb.
  8. Hi guys, I made all modifications as in the first post, downloaded ROG-MAXIMUS-IX-APEX-ASUS-2402, formatted flash drive to fat32, renamed bios file to creative.rom, trying to flash with bios flash back but button blinking a few times and stops. I'm using the correct usb port. What's wrong? Original bios version is 0402.
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