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  1. @PaulieLUL about 1/10 of E0 rev. is a beast. That is crappy chinese LC pump swimming in the bucket :) I'm surprised because it takes in ice chunks and still refuses to die.
  2. I have used memory divider setting 3.33D on strap 400 so in reality it works as 2:3, not 3:5. Mem speed is calculated with 2:3.
  3. @websmile: Would you consider adding a column dedicated for displaying the additional points? I believe it would be visually better. Not sure how easy it is to implement it now, perhaps in a future competition? Great work regarding the rules and the whole setup, by the way.
  4. You're correct :-) It's the only stock cooled part in there. Ok, here's a fix...
  5. Thanks! It's always nice to see older hardware still doing some decent job.
  6. Thank you guys for the suggestions. I guess I will resubmit with points active this time.
  7. My 2 260s drive me crazy when configured in SLI. They produce unusually high scores in most benchmarks even with unmatched clocks. Below I post some examples, for which I disabled the points. http://hwbot.org/submission/2763909_ http://hwbot.org/submission/2763914_ If you check the results of the top ranked guys for this category, they achieved them using subzero cpu cooling and thus far higher cpu clocks than mine. Benchmark settings are default. I always hit the default buttons before running just to be sure. The results are reproducible after reboots. Did I hit a weird sweet spot? Should I ask for points? Will these submissions stand?
  8. The forced recalculation fixed my points. I was also moved from the Extreme to the Enthusiast League, which is still wrong. Could a developer move me back to the Novice League where I actually belong please?
  9. I am still "extreme" and my points still "inflated".
  10. The same here. The bug also increased my points from 505.90 to 527.90
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