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  1. I'm not really around for some time but if the effort is really and strictly saving-this-place driven how about to open source the damn thing, put it on Github and let it do its magic? One coder for such a huge problem is like going with stick against a tank. I believe there must be a number of skilled coders who would help if they had a chance. Commit by commit, pull request by pull request and it will get eventually better. Project like this deserves to be open source anyway, it always did.
  2. Thanks guys Btw info updated with additional info and buildlogs.
  3. Updated shipping info. Quoted ~60€ to France with UPS Standard. Should be more or less similar to other countries.
  4. Hi, I have a single stage and a chiller for sale. Both made by local legend Nachtfalke. Chiller bought few years ago from Alex. Chiller: AFAICT tuned for 2x HEDT GPU + 1x HEDT CPU @ -25°C at HX Buildlog here but pump was upgraded to IWAKI MD-40RM-220M: https://forum.lab501.ro/showthread.php?t=14511 Price: 800€ SS (SOLD): 375W@-55°C (IIRC strongest and very last SS he built, unless he built another units, I'm out of the loop for some time now). I have only CPU mouting kit. Buildlog: https://forum.lab501.ro/showthread.php?t=15405 (I can't be 100% certain the buildlogs fit but after checking the details and stickers, it seems to be match.) Price: 1000€. Shipping in hard wooden box is be doable with UPS standard within Europe for ~125€. Payment method: Wire/Revolut/BTC (preferred)
  5. Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing It felt it was scaling better after card came back (after reboot) below -120°C then sme guys said they best scores were achieved at -85°C. I hope I'll get more lucky with my KPE lol
  6. I proposed that some time ago. Make premium membership with some premium content, I'm up to pay 100 bucks a year.
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