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  1. found seller case closed thanks
  2. whatever tittle say high priority = rog oc panel with full extras in good condition low priority = a decent g3258 that scales better than the one got already 1.28 / 4.4ghz prefer eu sellers
  3. ah nice , send pm 1st and ignored but anyway u r the seller u chose where to sell
  4. im after bare bone settings so i dont need any other running service besides them , have them all off but cant find which services must be running for lan connection only for windows xp/vista/7 any help will be appreciated
  5. any news with that issue ? cause im keep on getting the same message every 24h You gained 1 new achievement(s) since your last visit.
  6. none of the devs , mods or whateva can do anything about it ?
  7. i'm constantly gain new achievement every day even force recalculation hasn't fix it can you mods please fix it , is annoying thanks in advance http://hwbot.org/user/sotoss/
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