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  1. PM me, I have a spare room in Center City.
  2. Ill be coming with a few friends. Wiggles hwbot.org/user/wiggles Overclock.net I have a 30L and 10L dewar to loan, a few monitors and keyboards/mice.
  3. Wiggles

    HWBOT Team Cup 2017 Discussion

    I bought a 7900X and literally bought a 7740K just before the ban, the 7900X only took 2 weeks to find. I even got a board that was available before the comp start to keep it honest. There are no real elites competing here and I doubt I will make an impact on the scores. But Bunny the few though right?
  4. I'm down for meeting at 6.
  5. Im bringing a 10L and have a 35L as well.
  6. Wiggles

    HWBOT Team Cup 2017 Discussion

    Are we allowed to use hardware that comes out during the competition? A lot of good X299 mobos and rumors of Threadripper coming out before the comps over.
  7. Depending on if you take i95 or i76/676 into the city. If you are coming from i76: theres one on Market Street(Patriot Parking, should be $28 a day). If you are taking i95: Drive around anywhere near the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and there are tons of them around with cheap daily rates(might not be overnight, great for people staying for the day).
  8. If the parking is $49 a day at he hotel I would advise anyone not to pay to park there. Most garages are about $30 a day all over the city and are <20 min walk at most.
  9. Im in. I have a few monitors, a 10 and 20L, and knowledge of Philly.
  10. Wiggles

    ASUS Strix RX460 XOC

    Whats the VRReady pin on the DIGI+ chip?
  11. Wiggles

    i3 6320

    Where are you local? Otherwise interested to buy.
  12. Wiggles


    Any pre requisites to join Roman?