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  1. Go to "disable ppu" in the Vantage Options. Worked for me with my GX2.
  2. These results need to be moderated a little better. I just got my GX2 and noticed tons of 100+ in the PhysX test. There's probably hundreds of people who've done it so far. Not talking about previous results, I"m talking about the ones that have been recently submittted. Maybe make a news topic about it to get the point across to the users.
  3. Ok. But required is a valid SS with GPU-Z and CPU-Z. Do your volt thing again, get the score, and come on back, with your WR.
  4. Nice catch SAV. He doesn't show enough validation, now just because he whines, he gets his way? Why not just retake the score, if you're so confident, with GPU-Z confirmation and CPU-Z also.
  5. A drop of PT nuke is good. You can get it at Petras Tech Shop.
  6. Why not just use distilled water with some anti fungal stuff?
  7. How much longer till we hear a deal on the price? I agree with loonym 100% on the w/w/w situation. I think that might take care of a little percentage of those who voted no?
  8. RiggS


    Ah, alright, thanks alot. Must've skipped over that topic. Sorry.
  9. RiggS


    I dont know really where to post this, but I'm wonderin what happend to xtremesytems forums, I havn't been able to go on the website or any of the xtremesytems domain for over a day now. Any kind of answers would be appreciated.
  10. wow, a 2:1 margin for yes to no, and they still say we cant have it. why even start the poll.
  11. Yes, but how many of those 10000 are still active?
  12. I was benching on Windows ME, and some didnt work either. Does that mean we shouldn't be able to use the benchmarks? No, I lived without it, can't you guys? Edit: How long will this poll last?
  13. +1 Its not like we're all benching for global records, thats why there's hardware awards.
  14. Just buy some mushkin ram and you get a free one.
  15. Please add this, for some reason only 3dmark03 and Vantage uses my 2 3850's, it lists display adapters as false when on 05/06, but vantage has it as true, and I get added performance. I get extra performance with 03, but it lists them as false.
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