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    Good day I'd like to clarify how the points for Hwbot is calculated, I mean when looking at career ranking. Is it a combination of both your Hardware and Global points or is it calculated differently. I am asking as I sat down and compiled all my points on a spreadsheet and the points is more than what Hwbot is stating in my profile. I also have submissions where I do not have any hardware points anymore and they are as follow: Geekbench 3 Single core ran with my 3900X - ran with benchmate Geekbench 4 Multicore ran with my 3900X - ran with benchmate PC Mark 10 Extended ran with my 3950X - first but no hardware points Time Spy ran with my 2080Ti and hardware points missing. If someone can explain whether I am missing something, then many thanks Stephan VPII
  2. I have benchmate 0.10.5 and 0.10.6 on my system but taken that it does not support Geekbench I also have 0.9.3 on my system. Unfortunately when I run benchmate it does not give me the the option to save the result as the button is grey-ed out. Any idea why this might be happening?
  3. @_mat_ if I may ask, I've done like two fresh new windows 10 installs.... I usually used Windows 7 for my benchmarks but seen that no support for Ampere I actually cannot use it anymore. However, I've gotten the latest benchmate as in 0.10.5 but for some reason it does not except Geekbench being incorporated. Is this to do with the issue regarding the Geekbench developers wanting to go to court, if so, then what a pitty. I've submitted many Geekbench results using Benchmate without an issue.
  4. Hi Leeghoofd, thank you kindly. Much appreciated.
  5. Hi @Leeghoofdsorry but my submission still does not want to be accepted. Any idea why?
  6. HI my friend, only the extended not the normal as the normal I posted pass, but the extended is sitting around 5th or so which is why they state it is not excepted.
  7. Thank you my friend.... much appreciated.
  8. Okay I recorded a pretty good PC Mark 10 Extended run as below: https://www.3dmark.com/pcm10exb/110897 Stated as a valid run, but the moment I want to enter the details in Hwbot it states: "Validation error: A valid futuremark compare url is required if want to reach the PCMark10 Extended Hall Of fame. As only 4 benchmark scores are better than you, you need to provide additional verification." I know previosurly when I had such an issue I had to modify the link, but cannot recall how exactly.... Your help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  9. Thank you kindly, at least I had the old downloads on my added hard drive and it is working now. Unfortunately I sit with the same issue for Superpi 32M. .... I state 32M as the 1M works, but 32M don't want to save.
  10. Not sure if I am doing something wrong. I've been trying to run Geekbench 3 and Geekbench 4 using Benchmate but after completing the run the save button is greyed out so cannot be selected. Please help.
  11. Hi there, look your result is really great. I'm sitting around 18800 at present but my cpu score also with a 5950X is pretty low when I compare it to my 3950X results. I'm not sure if I miss anything but if you maybe have some guidelines for me how to get the most out of my cpu score in Time Spy it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Trus me my system do not look very good. It is in a case but it is open as I dropped the glass side and cannot care to get a new one as it does not matter to me. In future, yes I will do so. I did find out just now that with the original driver I cannot run this clock speed and I saw the vgpu jumping around for the few seconds it ran. I installed the new driver and it worked again with the clocks but failed at the end of the first graphics test which I believe my be temps. I'll try again tomorrow morning as the spring days here in Cape Town, South Africa can get somewhat warm. But thank you for the suggestion.
  13. Hi there, in all honesty it is air cooled and stock cooler. What I did was to check what the power draw was during the run. Now I know my card can run 2085mhz without an issue playing Metro Exodus or Shadow of Towmb Raider at 1080P and I only tested it as 1080P as power draw was mostly below 320watt then clocks stay above 2000mhz all the time. I did this to test the card if it had the issues with crashing when over 2000mhz. Now with the Time Spy run, your power draw is way over 320watt almost right through so I figured I'll check how high I can push the clocks as I knew the card was good for 2085mhz no worries. I stopped at +164mhz on the core and that was when I got this result. I just wish I can get a decent power limit for the card.
  14. Thanks, I posted new results with it this morning as I felt I needed to better it in any case.
  15. Hi man, I only realised it after submitting my results. Now sure how to rectify it but I asked on the Hwbot forum for all the relevantt results to be deleted / removed. This was an honest mistake as I always use my previous submissions to populate results and I forgot to change the GPU.
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