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  1. Please take off this result, I posted incorrectly.... my bad sorry
  2. VPII


    Please help.... I've been trying to submit a pcmark7 result but it keeps telling me that my url link is not valid and I need it as my result is in the top 20. The link to my result is as follow: https://www.3dmark.com/pcm7/1144838 \\\\\\\\\i did try to remove the s from https but it still would not take it.
  3. Thanks you for the advice, but it still does not want to take the score as it states: "Validation error: A valid futuremark compare url is required if want to reach the PCMark 7 Hall Of fame. As only 11 benchmark scores are better than you, you need to provide additional verification."
  4. I'm sitting with a problem, probably because my submission will be in the top 20. It states that the url is not valid when I submit my result. I went as far as purchasing the advance edition to see whether that would work. The URL to my result is as follow: https://www.3dmark.com/pcm7/1144838 Please advise if I am missing something.
  5. Thanks boet..... yea it was a replacement for the one that died so I'm happy.
  6. Eh het reeds gesien die MT630 en 635 wat ek by Communica kan kry en die MT635 is so R1600.00. Enige spesifieke probe wat ek moet gebruik of net die K-type? Die MT630 se dit kan tot -200 lees met K-type maar die ou by Communica se hy kan net -50C.....?
  7. Thanks Vivi, hopefully I'll get to do some Ln2 runs soon. But first I need to get a temp probe and meter. Which one would you suggest?
  8. My sincerest apologies. It should be DICE but I'm not sure how to change it now. Is there an edit function?
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