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  1. Yes - CPU is quite good (delided with lm). AIO is a FD Celsius S36 with push / pull.
  2. Is it possible to change my profile name from "Sea Sheperd" http://hwbot.org/user/zz_top/ to "OVIZ Hardware Lab"?
  3. no - ES 62xx are now allowed in OC League because the successor 63xx is available already...
  4. it is the "cheapest" quad socket (G34) Mainboard from Supermicro - Supermicro H8QGi+-F
  5. Could you please add CPU - AMD Opteron 6282 SE Thanks in advance
  6. just added verification URL where you can see the detailed scores and in addition some screenshots of the detailed scores ;-)
  7. AMD Opteron ZS232545TGG45 ES 16Core 2.3GHz 16M/L3 Matches Opteron 6276 - new AMD Opteron 63xx is out now and available now I can post my ES Sample results :-)
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