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[FS EU] Single stage, dewar


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Next part of my colling staff for sale:


1. Single stage made by bart-x. More info there: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?253100-1HP-Benching-SS


-45;46 idle

-43;45 load (new i7 4c/8t etc.)

worst temp i ever saw -41 on 980X @ 5,6ghz 3dm.


FC is airtight and very well calibrated. I add plate for gpu, second plate for cpu, seger pliers (to change plates) and mounting kit for memory(one memory) made by me.

Price: 300€ + shipping cost.

dsc0689027ku5.jpg dsc06891mxj87.jpg dsc06900fykj2.jpg dsc06909azkvs.jpg

dsc06894rkj7n.jpg dsc06895caj3t.jpgdsc068961ajc3.jpg dsc06897l9jat.jpg

dsc068929qkz5.jpg dsc068934ljut.jpg dsc068985ljyr.jpg dsc06899r1kmr.jpg

dsc06911o9kii.jpg memmhz_133ezk8.jpg


2. 10 liter dewar - it should keep a half of its capacity through 2-3 weeks.

Price: 150€ + shipping cost

dsc069031qjcm.jpg dsc06905jvj7i.jpg dsc06904z2jqb.jpg


Validation photo:




Payment with Paypal or banktransfer. I'm sending from Poland.FC will be send in a wooden solid box, and mounted on a screws to it. Dewar will be packaged in considerable thickness of cushioning material. I think also about pallet but it is significantly more expensive option.


estimated shipping cost(more places in europe)

ss - 50€

dewar - 40€

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