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is this super pi 4m score a good efficient one?

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Local Super Pi 4M air/water cooling competition, i had this score at 5300 Mhz on a 2600k, RAM is at 2133 Cas 9-9-11-31 2T 8x2GB GSkill i don't know what chips in, sorry no RAM tab....


till i get better RAM that's about my best at 5300 mhz if someone could pass a super pi 4m and compare results i'd be much appreciated :)



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9-9-11 timings on 8GB modules is micron with little doubts....Try to run 1T and show us some memtweakit tabs to see secondary and tertiary timings...


i'll do later on


1T gives me error though, and tighting subtimings seems to have no effect at all :S


i'll report back when come back home :)

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