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The official Rookie Rumble AMD #4 thread.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Something might be wrong with my different various summary's.


The summary I see looks as below, which is fairly certain to be wrong.



Click to view full size!


Which is wrong as on the CPU Freq leaderboard I'm not anywhere near 1st.



Click to view full size!


Also another weird thing, as I don't know the formula for the OC %. Although I've put in a score of 4300Mhz on a Sempron 145(2800Mhz) which by my silly maths would be over 50% although it keeps going back to one of my first 8350 results. Maybe I'm just dumb LOL.


Could a admin have a look into the stage summary I have as I'm fairly certain something is up.


Thanks heaps.


BTW Awesome comp, been a great learning curve and am ready for more.

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Thanks mate. Yeah had some good fun in this one. Was a little worried when Randyenergy took the cinebench from me with a couple of hours left. I had nothing up my sleeve.


Can't wait for the next one too.

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