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wPrime fail on Win7 i5 system


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When I tried to run wPrime (latest version, downloaded from HWbot page) it give me error on Windows 7 & i5 CPU system:




Not very descriptive either. Unexpected error? Yes, that it is. It is unrelated to overclock, so dunno, what is going on. I wonder if anyone can confirm it, that the v1.55 does not work on Windows 7 SP1 x64 Ultimate CZ.

(might be related, as the Aquamakr bug was, even to the Czech version of Win7)


So, do people run this wPrime v1.55 well on Win7 systems?

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Oh, thanks, that works then!



...now only why 35sec... this is kinda slooow :-O (oh, 1 thread... changed to 4 and get 9.144 sec :) Much nicer!)


BTW, a bug - I submited 4 wPrime results:





(32/1024 and 1/4 threads)


...yet NONE of these results are shown on the MSI P55A-GD55 page: http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/p55a_gd55/


Oh, come on, HWbot, what is the problem now?

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

You have to save a screen shot with the relevant CPUZ windows open and manually upload it yourself through hwbot.org

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You have to save a screen shot with the relevant CPUZ windows open and manually upload it yourself through hwbot.org


You probably misunderstood what he said. He was referring to the list of benchmarks shown when browsing a motherboard. In that list, his scores are not ranked as "Personal Best" for the given benchmark, Wprime.

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Almost exactly.


I honestly did not reporting much about the "Personal Best", I'm far more concerned that these tests are NOT matched to the mainboard page itself. That I see as problem. Yet anyone can click on any of these tests and confirm that HWbot see them as made on MSI P55A-GD55 (at least this works, deep sarcasm) - but it does not SHOW them as such on the mainboard page:




Besides, all the screenshots are made and uploaded:


wprime_32m_9_144.jpg wprime_32m_35_242.jpg wprime_1024m_281_376.jpg wprime_1024m_1128_804.jpg


...and as far as I'm concerned, these tests are done and perfect (except they can be faster, I already squeezed by core parking OFF few fraction of sec on the 32M test (9.144 to 9.128), but overclocking will be much more helpfull there, lol).

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The personal best scores should not show up in the hardware page, but that's by design rather than a bug. I don't understand why WPrime 1024M doesn't show up though. Let me get a bug tracker for that.


Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Massman - thanks. But that is still not what I mainly report. There is no cry for the 1 thread slow scores :)


The problem is, that I submited wPrime scores and there is NOT ONE SINGLE wPrime score ON THE MSI MAINBOARD PAGE THERE:



...or do you or anyone for that matter, see any wPrime score (regardless of the result achieved) there? I don't, but maybe I'm blind... :)

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