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Epox ep-8rda3


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The 8rda+ is great performance wise. Together with the NF7-S rev2 one of the best boards of it's time, and all in a fugly green. :D


It has one huge flaw though: reliability. :( I broke 4 8rda+ boards and I'm not an extreme overclocker. : / Be sure to cool those capacitors well, they tend to pop quickly.

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Had two back in the nF2 days.. replaced caps on one for a friend about a year ago with bigger higher rated ones, it has been pushed to 260fsb and cpu to 2750 @ 2.1v on air.


Have two nF7's still, both have gone north of 260 but one cannot supply more than 2.15v to cpu/nb stably (CPU vreg's also feed northbridge on nForce 2) and the other needs vdimm mosfet bypassed because it caught fire and fell off the board.....


250mhz is decent for nF2 with 2x256 or 2T.

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