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Strunkenbold - Mobile Celeron 1.2Ghz @ 3780MHz - 3780 mhz CPU Frequency


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So you have to mod your's motherboard. These chipsets are doing ~330 MHz easily (vNB around 1.6-1.7 is needed). My P4C800 did ~310 @ 1.4 V or 1.5 V vNB. Keep pushing :)


I already did some mods. Tried to raise Vnb up to 1,75V and watercooled nb. Didnt help. Maybe I really need some cold to pass 315Mhz fsb. But first wanted to compare another board before I buy some dice. thx guys anyway :)


You really need to mod ASUS boards? Didnt have one but:

ABIT and EPOX mobos have dedicated circuitry for the Vchip (Vdd), set at 1.49Volts. On the other hand, the Vchip on ASUS mobos is increased with respect to the VCore of the CPU, so when we select 1.725VCore, the Northy is supplied with 1.725Volts as well…That’s clever from ASUS side…

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On my Asus P4C800 and P4P800, I measured vNB and vCore and there's no relationship between those. I didn't noticed it. There is a MOSFET working as linear regulator, it provides vNB. This voltage is short-circuited with vAGP as far as I remember. vAGP is 1.5 V (3.0 version), in BIOS max is 1.6 V.

I could say you need cold on CPU to pass this wall. Maybe higher vCore will be needed. Adding more capacitors to vNB and vCore (low ESR) may help you also.



CL2.5 is also very helpfull

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