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Clear out, CPUs, Ram,Coolers + More


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Selling off some of my stock with more to be added as the week goes on.


Prices don't include postage and will vary depending on the item and postage location.


1. Pentium "K" Anniversary Edition G3258, no records on overclocking performance here as I lost the hard drive with the screenshots. From memory is an average clocker. - £35


2. 2 x 6GB Kits of Corsair Dominator GT v2.1 2000MHz 8-8-8-24 Elpida Hypers. Only ever tested on stock to check their working condition as I have no use for them. £90 for 6GB Kit.


3. EK 8800GTX Waterblock, once again no use for this so best see it go. - £12


4. XSPC Universal waterblock. No use anymore but was very useful when benching socket A as it also has mounts for that socket and is probably one of the best blocks you can buy that will work with that socket. - £10








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