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CPUZ score question

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I had a score blocked because a mod wanted a proper validation, and not a picture of my frozen desktop. Where does it say that a photo isn't good enough? If that rule doesn't exist, please unblock my score.






The CPUZ benchmark is (for us HWBot users at least) only a nice way of proving insanely high clocks. Which I did by using a camera. The score is there, it's no doubt about the fact that my Opty 185 ran at 3817mhz for a second or 2. Sure, it froze, but... like I said, it's no stability benchmark:)


I've seen alot of people on forums (like xs) use photos to prove scores, why shouldn't we be allowed the same here? It's MUCh harder to fake a photo than a normal screenshot, you know.

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it's as easy to "fake" a photo, just fake a screenshot and take a picture of it.


anyway, please use CPU-z online verification or provide a screenshot and the score will be unblocked.


Hehe, didn't think about that way of cheating as you just described.


But, really, you should write it somewhere so people knows about this. (that photo's can't be used to validate CPUZ scores). If I had known about this "rule" I would've upped the voltage a little bit more just to get that damn validation. Thinking it didn't matter, I moved on to the next benchmark. How could I possibly know that this way of proving my score wasn't allowed? Can't see it mentioned anywhere...

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knopflerbruce we (Hwbot) are in the process of putting together a comprehensive set of guideline/rules, so thank you for bringing the issue of a photograph as proof for a CPU-Z submission to the fore, it is duly noted and will be incorporated into the guide.



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How about cpuz photo, and few mhz lower validation?


That would be hard to do, because it's impossible to know exactly how much lower. I don't mind that CPUZ photos are "illegal", my problem was that it wasn't written anywhere. That problem will be taken care of thanks to 1Day I think:) As long as the rules are clear, and fair, then it's no problem.


When it comes to superpi scores etc i hope a frozen screen is enough, if all CPUZ windows etc are visible.

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demiurg in the first example you are correct it is not valid but if you look at the second example that submission has a verification link, which is sufficient proof in its own right. Therefore the second example is valid. I hope that clears up any confusion. :D

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