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ok. specs


i have a QX9650


2x 8800 GTX

850W silverstone strider PSU

5x 250gb 16mbcache maxtors in raid 0


water cooled.


ok, i carnt seem to get it stable enough to bench 3dmark 05 or 06 at 4500mhz, but can bench everything else at this speed including Wprime 1024m.

the max ive had out of it sofar is 4.85ghz http://valid.x86-secret.com:80/show_oc.php?id=280447


and have managed to bench at 4.7ghz see atachment (better pic)


so basically i would like some advice on getting it to bench 05 and 06 at higher speeds, as at present the highest ive managed is 4400mhz, which is a bit apaling for this chips ability.


thanx in advanced


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