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strong island 1 - GeForce GTX 980 @ 1704/2078MHz - 5402.02 DX11 Marks Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset

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At 1.7 volts, I'm guessing so. Is the chip really that bad?


I was actually testing the chip for 3d 01 with gpu on water, couldn't break 6.1ghz that my last one did.


I then remembered that my last heaven score was from my 780 ti and that I could easily break it with my gpu on water.


So I just switched os's quick and did a run just to get some points. Heaven doesn't care much for cpu so that's I why I wasn't really paying attention to it but cpu was on ln2.


Can't wait to try this again with gpu on ln2 and memory modded.


Basically everything was setup for 3d 01 and this was the only bench I could think of that I could run and beat my old score.


I definitely realize it's an awkward setup for this bench but it wasn't planned or anything. Sometimes if my main goal doesn't go good and there is ln2 left I try to run anything I can to at least make the night semi-productive, even if the setup isn't ideal.

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