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Some days ago 3 members of our team (Mayk, Nazar and Sergey13) bought 3 3870X2. And now I can show some pictures of our hardware and our benching places.


It's a little part of our (Mayk and Sergey13) hardware, which includes 2 York QX9650 and 2 Maximus Formula.



It's 2 our different systems including York/Maximus/3870X2








It's 2 our 3870X2



Now I'm using water cooling and Mayk is using LN2 on our 3870X2 and SS on cpu (sometimes LN2).


Some pictures from Mayk http://forums.overclockers.ru/viewtopic.php?p=4688673#4688673


Each of us has our own H/W. We are not using H/W sharing.

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During last bench at Sergey13, we had some results very close to WR's but uploading results showed that lot of worthy people all over the world were doing the same :)

But I want to say, that during the bench I was using some of Sergey's hardware

a) Water pump

b) SATA cable :)

c) PSU

All other hardware are of my own.

Hope it is not considered as H/W sharing :)

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just impressive to see dedication(addiction?;)) to overclocking hobby with 3x$300 VGA cards

Why 3x$300? There are 5 cards :) . But all from Xmemory.ru and given only for sli and 3-way sli testing without changing stock cooling and without voltmods. So this time money were spent only for 50l LN2.

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I find this thread some weird hardware pr0n source; keep posting those pics :D

Here you go :)

The stuff in the middle helps me to overclock by the power of thought :) No LN needed anymore :)


And very nice lookin' MEM


But closer look shows the shame :(


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