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  1. Nazar

    1080Ti uncorks :)

    Made a shunt mod by TiN on both of TitanXp's Now have a question about performance. Why the hell on my "dirty" 24/7 win10 with a lot of background processes I am receiving better scores than newly installed win7 or 10??
  2. Great! By the way, what waterblock you are using on VRM??
  3. Nazar

    [FS] X99 and 1080 Ti

    Hi Mike! Do you have 1 more 1080ti?
  4. Taunting me Chispy? Two click win8 tuning could not give a great score
  5. Only 126ms left to open new era :)Congrats guys!!!
  6. Hey Vince! Stop DOWNclocking your card! Your default clocks is 10 times more Run it as it is
  7. Yo! Hows it going my friend :)

    Thanx for the add!

  8. Nazar

    Mayk member discussion thread.

    Rest in peace bro. You'll be always with us
  9. Nazar

    OCClub isn't United Russian team

    C'mon Max. It is 2 best scoring russian teams with RUSSIAN FLAG on their logo came united. Believe me (i have access to closed forum threads), TEAM RUSSIA is not a occlub. This new team is a union of all guys that wanna do all the best to fight in the HWBOT competition at russian flag. PS HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Nazar

    Russian Overs Hardware

    Haha!!! I was always amazed with Sergey-Xmem's modesty Telling thanks to Xmemory, he is telling thanks to himself lol
  11. Nazar

    Russian Overs Hardware

    It was 3 of classifieds and at least 8 of 4890 provided by HIS. HIS representative were also there Unfortunately, HIS didn't provide enough of 5870, so I did not even tried to bench something. I want four