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  1. Hi Guys, Before doing any overclocking on this motherboard (as well as on any other ASUS product) please disassemble it and check if everything is OK. Was installing EK monoblock yesterday and found this shit. 800EUR mobo worked with thus stuff for 5 months
  2. Tune your memory :) Память подкрути блин
  3. Nice score, congrats! Later, when you'll be ready, let the community know about LOD tweaks for 3D11 ;)
  4. There are few steps for 3rd place at least. Really cant understand what was holding you to reduce timings :)))
  5. Good Luck my friend!!! I have no more backup And seems my CPU or Mobo (or both) died
  6. Follow the link above and download the first in the list It works
  7. Yeah, to be honest, before I am starting the bench, I use your score as the reference And if I will continue to "work from home" :))) I will obviously go for LN. Thanks a God, 100 litters are about 50USD here So you are welcome, my friend
  8. This could be easily done I have expected much more from these cards Long time ago (87 months to be precise ) my friend chispy also congratulated me with vantage 7970 score But the cards were able to run 1300+ on ambient water and without crazy voltages
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