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  1. Buy it at Cuba :) I do believe we, russians, have built a lot of LN plants there at 1960-s :)
  2. Wow!!! Great Chispy!! But to be honest, I was expecting twin 3090 will smash WR even on stock :)))))
  3. Wow! Great score, my friend! Power limit mod done as well? Have you compared the improvement of it?
  4. Yeah, work with DDR4 :) I think it should go a little bit faster :)))))
  5. Вова, sheet это вкладка в экселе, а говно это shit :) Ну и поздравляю конечно :)
  6. Hi Guys, Before doing any overclocking on this motherboard (as well as on any other ASUS product) please disassemble it and check if everything is OK. Was installing EK monoblock yesterday and found this shit. 800EUR mobo worked with thus stuff for 5 months
  7. Nice score, congrats! Later, when you'll be ready, let the community know about LOD tweaks for 3D11 ;)
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