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  1. Wow this thread has brought back many memories... maybe will have to refill the dewar and find my E8600....
  2. I think this is a good idea, I really liked the proposed changes. The only concern I have is are there really enough overclockers to populate three competition leagues?
  3. Well an i7 wouldnt need to since at about 5ghz it would still outperform this chip
  4. Well I am not advocating a solely user-base supported revenue stream. I think you should get revenue from the manufactureres too who sponsor contests and use the database as a internal tool. Also get money from the advertisers. Also perhaps ask the community for a few extra volunteers to police the submissions and deal with reported scores. Even a few extra hands could help relieve the workload and free up massman to pursue better issues. The score moderation could be done completely by knowledgable volunteers I think. Let mass man who is being paid work on other things that volunteers would not have the time to do.
  5. So why not offer customized and targeted marketing to companies based on the users chosen country in their profile. For instance Greece has a large hardware store (I cant remember the exact name) which sometimes sponsors OC events. They could purchase a banner ad that would only be seen by greek users. This way you can sell the same ad space 50 times for different countries/regoins. Or allow the advertiser to choose a specific region. Like Eastern Europe or Western Europe, or Asia. Base the cost on how many ppl they will reach. Thus they can target their specific market, and hwbot can sell more ads, without actually adding more banner space.
  6. ^ This. The playing field will never be level and 100% fair. Thats the way of the world. Any attempt to completely equalize everyone is a idealist fantasy. If you dont have the $$$ to compete at the top, you can grind older hardware. +1 if this revision goes through with only "best" submission per category per team, I will continue benching but you wont find me on hwbot anymore. I know the guys at OCA very well. Even though you later post that your comment was not aimed at them, it clearly was. Otherwise why would they not "want that to happen." They spend tons of hard earned dough on this hobby and dont deserve crap from some troll like you. I really admired the ethical path you took regarding samples and not competing with them, but I just lost my respect for you from this and your subsequent posts. This is hilarious, thanx for giving this depressing discussion a little brevity. If their was another benching site, maybe hwbot would take the opinion of the community more seriously... I have supported this site with 10 euros per year since I joined. I have no problems paying for a service I use regularly which bring me fun and competition. And Im sure many more people feel the same.
  7. I agree not contributing to team points is a huge mistake. It will lower motivation across the board for smaller OC'ers to paricipate. Yeah or companies inviting status quo every year and not holding a qualifier to let new faces into the game.
  8. So your going to ignore peoples opinions because they didnt express themselves in a way you prefer? I am officially removing my support for hwbot from this point on. I realize my $10 per year isnt alot but, I cant support this site if the direction your taking it in is like this (and since I wrote "sucks" in my last post I guess you will just ignore it anyways). I think we should have a vote just like previous times changes to the bot were proposed. Take the will of your community into your decision. If rev4 is implemented, as it stands now, I will be removing myself from the league/hwbot and just OC'ing. The proposed changes to the league give huge unfair advantages to teams who live near each other and screw over the international/spread out teams.
  9. wow this rev sucks:( I like the idea of splitting amateur/pro, but the "top score only counts" thing is retarded. Here in the USA, its not like Europe. Team members are separated by thousands of miles and team bench sessions require flying on a plane or 10 hour drives. Massmans post about encouraging team sessions is a nice idea, but its not practical (unless u live in a tiny country like belgium) Im not even on a team and I think this is an awful idea...
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