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Socket 479 fixes


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  • Crew

Move to BGA479:

Celeron M 205

Celeron M 215

Celeron M 310

Celeron M 318

Celeron M 353

Celeron M 373

Celeron M 800Mhz

Core 2 Duo U2400

Core 2 Duo U2500

Core L2300 (1.5Ghz)

Core L2400 (1.66Ghz)

Core L2500 (1.83Ghz)

Pentium M 758

Pentium M 753

Pentium M 738

Pentium M 723

Pentium M 733

Pentium M 733J

Pentium M 773

Pentium M 778

Pentium M LV 1.1 GHz

Pentium M LV 1.2 GHz

Pentium M LV 1.3 GHz (718)

Pentium M ULV 0.9 GHz

Pentium M ULV 1.0 GHz

Pentium M ULV 1.1 GHz (713)


Move to BGA953:

Core 2 Duo SU2300

Core 2 Duo SU2700

Core 2 U3300 (1.2Ghz)

Core 2 U3500 (1.4Ghz)

Core 2 U9300 (1.2Ghz)

Core 2 U9400 (1.4Ghz)

Core Solo U1300 (1.06Ghz)

Core Solo U1400 (1.2Ghz)

Core Solo U1500 (1.33Ghz)


Move to Socket P:

Core 2 T9400 (2.53Ghz)



Pentium M LV 1.1 Ghz to Pentium M 1.1Ghz LV

Pentium M LV 1.2 Ghz to Pentium M 1.2Ghz LV

Pentium M LV 1.3 GHz (718) to Pentium M 1.3Ghz LV (718)

Pentium M ULV 0.9 Ghz to Pentium M 900Mhz ULV

Pentium M ULV 1.0 Ghz to Pentium M 1.0Ghz ULV

Pentium M ULV 1.1 GHz (713) to Pentium M 1.1Ghz ULV (ULV)

Core 2 U3300 (1.2Ghz) to Core 2 Solo SU3300 (1.2Ghz)

Core 2 U3500 (1.4Ghz) to Core 2 Solo SU3500 (1.4Ghz)

Core 2 U9300 (1.2Ghz) to Core 2 Duo SU9300 (1.2Ghz)

Core 2 U9400 (1.4Ghz) to Core 2 Duo SU9400 (1.4Ghz)

Core L2300 (1.5Ghz) to Core Duo L2300 (1.5Ghz)

Core L2400 (1.66Ghz) to Core Duo L2400 (1.66Ghz)

Core L2500 (1.83Ghz) to Core Duo L2500 (1.83Ghz)

Celeron M 350 to Celeron M 350 B1

Celeron M 350J to Celeron M 350J B1

Celeron M 360 to Celeron M 360 B1

Celeron M 360J to Celeron M 360J C0

Pentium M 715 to Pentium M 715 B1

Pentium M 715A to Pentium M 715A C0

Pentium M 725 to Pentium M 725 B1

Pentium M 725A to Pentium M 725A C0

Pentium M 735 to Pentium M 735 B1

Pentium M 735A to Pentium M 735A C0



Pentium M 745 and Pentium M 745A

As its seems that there are also C0 revisions of M 745, there is no way to distinguish.


Hope everything is right...

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  • Crew

O.K., moved all CPUs to their appropriate sockets. Renamed Core-based CPUs. I don't agree renaming LV/ULV Pentium M's because the way it's now is more common and like it is on intel.com. As for adding revisions to Celeron M 3xx/Pentium M 7x5 I remember it being a tricky one. Will read datasheets on what the differences are besides stepping.


Feel free to poke me from time to time ;)

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  • Crew

The more I dig into this the more I understand that there is a big difference between what CPU-Z is detecting and all other Internet databases. If I could I would fix this in CPU-Z but Im not sure if this is even technical possible.

Im totally with you having our db correct like CPU World or Intel site would make everything a lot easier and more correct.

So now just 4 fun a common issue in our db:

User submits a result with some old CPU,

CPU-Z tells him: Pentium M with 1Ghz and socket 479

When he try to submit using the autocompletion he gets nothing because there is no Pentium M 1000Mhz or Pentium M 1,0Ghz. So he ends up searching the right one in the db and when he is lucky enough he might select Pentium M ULV 1,0Ghz as the correct one. This might be successful but is this really necessary? What do we gain by this?

Detection of CPU-Z is really that bad as I dont even detects a Pentium M 723 like here. So it gets in the wrong category.

So maybe we could do every user a favor and make our name styling a little more CPU-Z friendly even if its not 100% correct.

So in this both cases I would propose:

Pentium M 1,0Ghz ULV (Banias)

Pentium M 1,0Ghz ULV (723)


just my 2c

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  • Crew

Thanks, Frank. I do clean up the database when I have free time (almost never that is :D) but I definitely can't see everything.


Strunkenbold, I usually clean them one category by one. Starting from old school and moving to the more recent ones. Better small fixes per week than giant fixes per ..never :D

Edited by Antinomy
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  • Crew

Strunkenbold, I usually clean them one category by one. Starting from old school and moving to the more recent ones. Better small fixes per week than giant fixes per ..never :D


Didnt know that your are already clean up db by yourself...

So your next task is probably cleaning Socket 3 section for oldschool competition? :D



Oh and thank you Mr. Paco.

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