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Search not working well


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Searching HWBot.org for "ASRock 775i65G" yield NO results.


Yet the board is know for HWbot:



...and even when the link suggest that "ASRock 775i65g" should be "searchable", it is NOT. In fact, the mainboard page does not return searches for:

ASRock 775I65G

ASRock 775i65g






So I welcome anyone to show me, how this search is supposed to work, when it does not at all. Pls fix?

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Firefox v10 used. Does that constitute an old browser?


Oh, no, wrong. This is total misunderstanding. This works perfectly:




However when you *JUST TYPE IN* the 775i65g and hit enter, you never ever get any results. You get this:




Complete search failure. So in short, search works only as "suggestion", it never actually search when you just type in what you want and hit enter. Maybe this is better report of the problem? Sorry for the confusion...

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  • Crew
Also todays I experienced something odd with search. I entered nick "odbytorq", hoping to see his scores, but the search returned nothing. Maybe it should return a link to profile of the user...? (and return "user does not exist", when it does not exist... Not lock completely:


...shoving nothing, not even a 404 ...


The search is working well, you're just looking for the wrong user name. This user is known to the forum as odbytorq and on the front page you'll find him as phobosq.

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