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This page is going to show you the anti-competitive shenanigans that each major vendor commits against the free market. If you're deciding on a brand purely on performance, you've got an equal chance of landing on all three... however: if you're going by ethics, it's a different story. Supporting the companies that are the healthiest for a certain market will in-return make that market healthier. Supporting one that's harmful and anti-competitive? Well, you may not have a chance to even obtain components the next time around due to the market being more locked down and closed to competition. Take a look!


Listed within the Wiki is a tool to repair files with the Intel's cripple. I've yet to test it, but you're welcome to check out all the links for yourself. It will only fix 32 bit applications with Intel's cripple. Any newer cripple code won't be found or extracted.




(no, AMD cpu's aren't going to beat Intel, but still they can run faster)




My eye caught this:


So this suxxka plays video and shows the audience that this is a Direct X 11 game? Driving my one hand and making fun of it? Come on. He have no shame?! What a bunch of crocks... :mad:

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