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how to overclock cache


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Hello, I have recently built my first pc and have been learning how to overclock.by the way it's very addictive ! I am using a 4690k on z97.ar board with a swiftech h240x for cooling. I have managed as high as 4.9 ghz but the voltage has to go up to 1.360 to even be close to stable. I have noticed that settings like ram xmp profiles really raise your score in xtu and was wondering about upping the cache multiplier and voltage and don't know where to start. My asus board raises the cache to 39x when I leave on auto and up the core mult. and manual voltage. i would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me some steps on overclocking the cache mult. and voltage? Would this help with stability on high core overclocks or is it totally seperate? also as far as xmp profiles go could I go further than xmp timings already go? Am using g skill ripjaws 8gh 1866 kits?

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Some advice would greatly appreciated


It's basically exactly the same as your core clock, you just change the multiplier and test for stability.


You will also need to increase your VCCIN, and probably up the cache voltage.

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