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Invalid Super PI results - why/how?

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I keep benching my 8500 on super pi 1m and 32m and all the results I get come out as invalid when I try to validate them on xs. I am not doing anything special just benching 1m and 32m on my pc. Even on 24/7 settings all results keep coming out as invalid - why/how? Now I realized why my 32m result was deleted from my profile but whether you believe or not it was a honest run. As a matter of fact even my 1m run on my profile invalidates... you can remove it as well if you feel to :(

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That's why in case the validation of xs is not working (it's been some time now ...), we make a nice screenshot with CPU-Z and if you want memset ... ;) Nobody's gonna tell you anything if you do that ;):)


For example, how on earth can someone know that this SPi 1M run of yours, is an outcome of an E8500 and not a QX9650 for example ... ? :)




Take a look at my screenie for example ... ;)



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