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GTX 970 pls add image


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I just checked and in *shock* realized, that GTX 970 and GTX 980 have no image on HWbot! WTF! That call for fix.



At first I was like - well, I have to be objective and choose generic nVidia image to not side with some company (or being accused to do so). But upon checking the nVidia images there:



I come to realize that these pictures are fakes. There is only the "7" chaging to "8" and each other pixel(s) are the same. So these nVidia images I did not want to be used, as they are clearly photoshoped fakes. Shame on you, nVidia!


So to get more interesting images, I have to pick a sides. I decided that what company produced card, that get WR in Firestrike Extreme test, wins.


In case of GTX 970, it is Asus:



1962MHz core, cool. So for GTX 970, the image is this:





(a bit cleaned up, as they cannot seems even take a picture of clean (no dust) card, lol)


Enjoy, I hope?

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Because that's bias-free. Also, ref design is how the product is originally designed and released. That's what the model IS in its purest form, even if it's also probably the crappiest.


nVidia don't market the Lightning/Strix/HOF


For whichever one vendor "is special enough" to have their product on a hardware page, the others would "have every right" to complain about it not being their product.


...and it turns into subtle product-specific advertising, which I don't think would be healthy for HWB.

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But is not HWbot about records and the best cards...? So if company made the BEST card, should not get the image of it to represent the card in question?


Or you see in News pictures of the last runners on Olympic, or the first ones? Please answer this specific question.


That is, where the root of the issue is. And if the product works best - it is still advertising, because HWbot show it on the first place. And user get points for that. So you already have not-so subtle advertising of the best products already. And since the ref design suxx, its noisy and perform worsest of all the designs - why show it?


It exactly bear the "logic" of "let's photograph the losers, not the winners of Olympic games." So what is next? The average scores get most of the points, or the slowest scores will be rewarded most for the trying...?




Sure it is NOT up to me to decide, but I want to make my opinion clear and I'm willing to defend it. In the end - how it is fair, when Asus made the best GTX 970, that is not there the image of their card? Did not they made the best ones? How that is fair? Or it is not (the whole HWbot) overclocking about finding the *BEST* hardware, fastest chip, best voltage mod and best cooling to achieve the seemingly impossible? The *BEST* result? Push the hardware over the limits and make it perform lightingly fast?

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That's not a direct comparison, but I think you are moving the goalposts accidentally ;)


News pictures show the winners, but in this example, all the runners are the same "person"


HWB doesn't differentiate ref from custom-design, they are all the same GPU core.



HWB only advertises the brand if the user fills in the brand field.



How do you decide which benchmark is the most relevant? All 3D benchmarks with global points have the same number.


Plus.... on release day, reference card is the fastest. Are you going to ask HWB staff to change the picture every time the #1 spot changes?

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Okay, your points are valid. Yes, there are more reasons why I look for visualy nicer images... so it might look as shifting goalposts.


Glad you agree that winners are shown - so it all just boil down to what we will consider a win. Either specific test, or maximum GPU clock (in case of graphic cards) could be used.


Who says that I will be the one to determine the most relevent benchmarks? People can vote on that.

Good point is, that first is the reference card fastest. But then it get overcomed... so the pictures could look nicer and more relevant to winners!


And no, there is no need to change good pictures. Besides, the no. 1 post did not change very often and the fact, that the fastest card CAN have GRANTED the picture does not mean that it will be REQUIRED to have it now... And as long, as the complaining party bring an image, it is relatively easy job to do ;)

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