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A Sandy Bridge Pentium that OC's???

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Hello everyone!


I'm a user of HWBOT for about 4 years, had about 60 points on my old HWBOT account, haven't done much on this one.


I don't know much about intel's lower end lineup, and I was under the impression that all of the 1155 pentiums were locked multiplier. Well I threw together a computer for office use today with an EVGA P67 SLI board and a Pentium G640, and while messing around in the bios, noticed that I was able to set a different value in the processor's multiplier setting. I saved the bios and to my surprise, The BIOS is showing the value I've set.


I have not installed windows yet, but I certianly will get a cpuz validation when I do.


I'm wondering if anyone has more information as to why this is possible?

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

One final ditch effort is to get Windows to "High Performance" mode, but the chances are that it won't overclock. :D


I had an MSI Z77 GD65 motherboard that wouldn't overclock, no matter what. I had an 8GHz i7-3770K on less than stock voltage according to its BIOS. :D

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