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ludek - Mobile Celeron 925 @ 3625.4MHz - 42sec 781ms wPrime - 32m


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I can't touch this with my setup, missing an extra 700ms :(

I will look for this board and do the mods as well. It's the hp dv69xx right?

You could consider replacing the PLL chip with a pin-compatible one that works better (I will do some research here).

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I saw people ocing socket P with a nvidia chipset. Maybe it's worth to look around...

It's HP DV6700 series. Mobo made by quanta, model is in CPUz verification link. Maybe replacing PLL chip would make it more oc'able, but I wish luck searaching proper model :D

It's better to do TurboPLL mod, less effort I think but lots of unknown stuff like signal integrity, noises, jittering due to paracite capacitance/impedance blah blah...


Let me know if U will be able to find pin compatible PLL or better mobo.

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Hey ludek, I'm already on an nForce board, it can do 360MHz on stock cooling, but I'm hitting a wall with this cpu at 308MHz.

The RTM875-606 is pin compatible with ICS9LPRS356, I've studied the datasheets, they've even been used interchangeable on a Compal board, so I know that's possible.



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Sorry, I forced you to find another models :) ... but it seems that there's more:




These two are also compatible pin-pin PROBABLY. So now you gonna buy whole bunch of these celerons 925 or 905 and LN2 and HWBPrime WR :) Keep pushin, mate :)

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