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Haswell cold scaling


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What do you consider as good cold scaling for Haswell? I had a few G3258 and a 4690K, and I saw 200-400 MHz increase in max frequency with the same voltage when going from air to SS. I tried DI, but it didn't give anything probably due to TIM.



1. 400 increase from air to SS - good or not enough?

2. How does it look with i5/i7?

3. What more can I gain doing LN2, is it proportional to temp drop?

4. How does delidding impact cold scaling?


To be more precise - I measure "increase" in a following way: first do SuperPi 32M at maximum stable settings on air (for example 4800 1.4 vcore), then change to phase, go up with frequency without changing volts and keep running 32M until it fails. Then it's just subtracting one number from another. :)

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4,8ghz 1,4v air is awful :D - and 4690K is devils canyon, which on average do better on air and water than Haswell (4670K and 4770K) but have very bad cold scaling as far as I know. On Haswell, there are a few so called "scaling batches, around L310B-L320B rawly sketched, if these do 5ghz at 1,4v on air people told me these have good chance to do 6ghz+. I depends on scaling and coldbug, time for experts to take over^^

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