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2 pieces 6700K


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For Sale here 2 pieces 6700K retail . (Batch BOX, but sold without boxes .., only the cpu )

These CPU are Running Cinebench R15 : ( with H20 at 19°C/20°C)

-> 4,5Ghz @ 1.21v

-> 4,8Ghz @ 1.38v

Boot windows 5.0Ghz -> 1.45v cpu N°7 and 1.46v cpu N°8

Not delidded !


Prefer paypal.


400 with shipping in Europe ! :)

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Sorry, new here, how long have they been used and for how long at the high voltages please?


You have any photos of the CPU's without the box/plastic containers enclosed on them? Any warranties on them?


Finally, how would you post to the UK?



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