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Northwood-3400 - Rage Pro @ 75/100MHz - 328 marks Aquamark

Christian Ney

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  • 1 year later...

May I ask you a questions?

With the new rules it's impossible to make a score with Aquamark 3 with the OLD AGP GPU 8/4/16MB... like the ATI Rage PRO with Win98 because it doesnt's support the new version.... and the NET Framework 4.0...

So is necessary a new rule for the OLD card....


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i thought already the same. you have to bench those cards under win xp if possible.

we can never bench aquamark under win98 anymore because net framework 4 doesn't work under win98.

a shame. :(


Or hwbot developer can compile with target .net 2.0 or 3.5 ;)

Please show us the ONE feature used in the wrapper that it's 4.0 only :) Just sayin...



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  • Crew
Is not true says that anymore bench under Win98 with Aquamark because Dr.Swizz and Northwood-3400 do it, but they do it with the old rules....


they are not allowed to do it the old way in aquamark. you have to use the new aquamark wrapper or the scores will be blocked.

if you mean older results (before 26th december 2011), they are valid.




i can do nothing here, the best is to talk with massman if you want those changes.

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