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My AquaMark results blocked

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My aquamark results blocked without anybady inform me about it,i can't find who block then and the reason.


I looked in the result modaration in wrong results and i can find anything.


Instead i got an e-mail from hwbot which says:



An hwbot crew member, klopcha, has been marked as 'checked by a



This was the reason the user gave:

ORB Link work


You can view your result here:

http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=688710 "


But this is a 3Dmark result and if the ORB Link works why they report the result and if the result is approved why they send me an e-mail?


Can a mod explain to me what is happening?


PS.The good thing is that i still got all the VGAs so you are not going to get rid of me that easy:D



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the email address configured in your HWBot profile is send an email whenever a score is blocked/reported. Check to see if that email address is correct.


Yes it is correct but i never got an e-mail when the results blocked only i got a mail when the 3DMark score went from the blocked to unblocked state.



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