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[price check] of some cpu's , ram and wc-gear


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Hello all,


my d5400xs died somewhere between 7 months ago and the start ofthe Country Cup. I would like to have a price check on my two qx9775 cpu's, Kingston hyperx fb-dimm and the included wc gear (Danger Den: 2x mc-tdx 775 , mpc-x38 , southbridge chipset)


The memory is 100% ok as I checked it on a other 771 board. I will verify the cpu's once my 771 to 775 adaptor arrives (hopefully somewhere next week)


I have a price in mind, though if it's too low I might search after another d5400xs or z7ws motherboard.


so plz let me know about the current price of the above. Also if you have an unused and proper working D5400xs or Z7ws plz PM me.


thx David

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