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  1. I am selling and have sold most of my stuff since march. So no black hole since this year
  2. Please don't sell them to china.
  3. @coolhand411 dibs on the ddr3 collection. Please reserve it for me. But i want more infos whats in the bundle...
  4. have a similar board now. vcore vrm is dead, 12v vcore now and does exactly the same as in your videos... also the already replaced fujitsu exploded again these boards are a nightmare
  5. @Luumi posted a video in the barbonenet thread
  6. 4x2GB PSC GSKILL PI K0-8155 240018+2600C8 SPD $300 are sold now i think ?
  7. Ok, nice maybe i have something for you in a few days. Will tell you then.
  8. Where are you from ?
  9. diameter and height of the dewar would be useful
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