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  1. i recommend the ersa i-con pico soldering station for a good start i am using it since 4 years now and it does a really good job. i like the damn fast heatup !
  2. agree. i sold my 7700k to @Achill3uS and my 8700k to @koda and everything arrived in good shape. bought 100 clampshells over aliexpress for a few bucks especially for deals like that. it is important to ship them serperate. the DIE in the video looks like it had a date with an angle grinder...
  3. I think the normal R3E waterblock could fit ?
  4. Should be psc. But this bin is usually junk
  5. I am in for no 1 if tagg don't want
  6. Same here. The ix apex board is nice in general. But i had 2 or 3 of them and all had issues with usb fuses and showed some crazy things after a few cold sessions thats why i quit 1151 xoc
  7. Gigelz

    Besi Cpu Pot

    Ddr4 sold
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