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  1. Adata ram still available ? If yes i will take them all
  2. I hate that pm type deals... just a personal opinion from me. If you are interested, write in the thread.
  3. Try different vga's @Eisbaer798 and me had that problem few weeks ago and end up with the fact that some asus x48 boards doesn't like every vga card...
  4. We should build the rampage impact... the repaired board that i bought from you had also issues with 00 postcode during a session last weekend
  5. I have many x48 boards left if you are interested good work ground
  6. Hey, I am looking for a hardcore strong e8600 and r3be
  7. I am interested in the mocf too if splave doesn't take it
  8. yep, tantals are the best option to replace the fujitsu crap i like to use https://eu.mouser.com/ProductDetail/KEMET/T530X477M006ATE004?qs=r%2B%2FF0HTKyUcLhCoNF%2Bv0HQ== for memory and https://eu.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Panasonic/EEF-GX0E471R?qs=%2Fha2pyFadui%2FODXTv%2Fc0aeZAwW96RiBqHHpNWPFtmnCIPAqDWGVwrQ%3D%3D for cpu and nb because they are not so tall. if you are doing it right, it will look like this :
  9. Me or @Eisbaer798 will take the 4770k can you reserve it for 2h or so ?
  10. I could sell you a z87m ocf. Also a great board for mem oc
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