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  1. I might have a delidded kit of 2000c8 ?
  2. Those cpus can run on p5e3 premium without any problems. Mobo is stock. Only issue is, that on second boot after failsafe settings, cpu need to start with 200fsb. Otherwise you need to force failsafe settings again.
  3. it is a nice addon but you can fully replace it with turbo v evo or rog connect. i tried it with R3E and R3F and it seems to be working on both. i have also a R3BE but i didn´t tried it with that because i broke it before
  4. i don´t have a good working p45 ddr3 board left to test that
  5. In fact i would actually prefer a liver over a kidney
  6. hello, since i finished my hyper journey (or odyssey?) i am considering to let this special kit go. its a 3x1GB 2000c7 dominator kit. i checked it yesterday and it still goes super strong. voltage wise even stronger than most gtx2 sticks or similar. question is, how much are they worth ? i never saw a kit like that for sale... regards
  7. @TheQuentincc if you are still looking, feel free to pm me
  8. I am selling and have sold most of my stuff since march. So no black hole since this year
  9. @coolhand411 dibs on the ddr3 collection. Please reserve it for me. But i want more infos whats in the bundle...
  10. have a similar board now. vcore vrm is dead, 12v vcore now and does exactly the same as in your videos... also the already replaced fujitsu exploded again these boards are a nightmare
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