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Price check: PSC and BBSE DDR3 kits


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I have quite a few PSC-based DDR3 kits (2GB sticks) left over from the Z77/Z87/Z97 days, need to get rid of them but I'm not sure what they're worth.


1 kit of F3-16000CL6T-6GBPIS G.Skill Pi 2000C6, 3x2GB. 2 out of the 3 sticks do 2666C8 tWCL6 tight 3rds at 1.85v and 1.86v respectively. KO-8117 PCB

1 kit of F3-16000CL7D-4GBFLS G.Skill Flare 2000C7, 2x2GB. Both sticks do 2666C8 tWCL6 tight 3rds at 1.88v. KO-8117 PCB

2 kits of F3-17600CL7D-4GBPIS G.Skill Pi 2200C7 2x2GB. Seem to need lots of volts for 2666C8, definitely above 1.90v. Both have KO-8117 PCBs.

2 kits of F3-176000CL7D-4GBXHD G.Skill Ripjaws X 2200C7 2x2GB. About the same as the Pi sticks in terms of voltage for 2666C8. One kit has green KO-8155 PCB, the other black BrainPower PCB.

2 kits of GET34GB2400C9DC Geil Evo Two 2400C9 2x2GB. Unsure of volts for 2666C8. KO-8117 PCB on all sticks.


I also have a good BBSE kit, F3-17000CL8D-4GBXMD G.Skill Ripjaws X 2133C8 2x2GB. Do 2666 8-11-7 tWCL6 1.93v (test). KO-8117 PCB.

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