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  1. I have that one, it can't quite fit. That's a tight space.
  2. Does anyone know of a clip for an SPI programmer that can fit in the tight space where the BIOS chips are on this board? I messed up the MEI and need to flash that way.
  3. sabishiihito

    [FS] 2x Galax B-Die Kits

    Crap how'd I miss this?
  4. No board mod but you need an EEPROM flasher.
  5. M8I works just fine with 8350k, check the Maximus VIII thread for CFL bios and instructions. I haven't had success with 8700k on it but that may be due to not being able to isolate the required pins.
  6. I've noticed this board really trains quickly when paired with Coffee Lake if you have the VIDMM right for your speed+timings.
  7. sabishiihito

    [FS] Super Talent 2200C8 Hypers 3x 2GB

    Boy those take me back. Wish you success on the sale!
  8. Any 32M tips with KBL-X on this board? Have a kit that can do 4133 12-11-11-1T on Z170 OCFM but not on X299 OCF.
  9. sabishiihito

    B-Die Binning

    Remember OCFM overvolts by 0.07v so it's really 2.02v (measured with DMM). I'm mad because all the high binned kits I bought brand new so far haven't been able to do this. At least I know I have a CPU+mobo combo that isn't the issue now.
  10. sabishiihito

    B-Die Binning

    ...And I'm actually mad about this. Random used kit I got off eBay like last year that I barely touched until recently.
  11. sabishiihito

    B-Die Binning

    3600C15 on paper sounds like a super bin but I got two kits and they fail 32M instantly 4K 12-11-11 no matter how I tweak volts.
  12. 8350k doesn’t work for me but 8700K and 8086K do.
  13. Try a middle-man service like Buyee or Celga.
  14. sabishiihito


    What PCB type on the G.Skill sticks?