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  1. And I thought the X299 MEG Creation was expensive!!
  2. It's possible to buy an add-in PCIe SATA card with an Asmedia controller.
  3. I can't get my SPI flasher to even detect either BIOS chip on my M9A. Using a TL866CS and clip.
  4. I didn't think XP worked at all on this board anyway (well ACPI HAL install at least).
  5. Where'd you get that newer Dang Wang Memtest?
  6. Coffee Lake no need? Old 7600k putting in work with A2 DIMMs
  7. sabishiihito

    X299 RAM OC

    Hmm, may have to see what I can accomplish on the Asrock X299 OCF
  8. Retail BIOS for the Z270 SOC 4-DIMM board works on the LN2 but I suspect since it isn’t tuned for 2-DIMM that it is holding the RAM OC back.
  9. I suspect not much effort going into KBL-X support on X299 boards, especially since Intel has EOL'd the products.
  10. Sorry to hjiack, but if any of the parties also have BIOS for the Z270 LN2 version as well, it'd be much appreciated
  11. Never mind the RTLs, I was just trying it out.
  12. Loss of perf with those timings so loose though
  13. M8I already works with A2 DIMMs.