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  1. I've never been able to get it to do 4KC12 1T whether using 6th, 7th or 8th gen CPUs with RAM that can do it easily on 2DIMM boards (and some MSI 4DIMM ones!).
  2. Doesn't seem worth it on the big board outside of CPU OC as DRAM OC is still very limited.
  3. OS limitation? Don’t think any version of 7 is fully supported on X299.
  4. Guess I'll have to hope that I can get my hands on something like this then: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=566900623882
  5. 8700k not working for me. I know I did the CPU pad mod correctly since it works in M9A with modded bios. Not sure if it needs the other two pads isolated (not that I have anything small enough for that).
  6. Got this working now with 8700k, IMC doesn't seem any better than my Skylake or Kaby Lake chips though.
  7. XP is still working with the KBL BIOS.
  8. Well, the 0084 bios installed (verified by booting with a Kaby Lake chip) but still can't complete POST with the 8350k.
  9. Wow, even on 4c/4t CPU? Score another win for M8I then, no need to do that with the 8350k on that board.
  10. Well I used 2B pencil mod and got the flash to take, but trying to boot with an i3-8350k it seems to go through the normal POST process but halts at code 18 after the RAM detect codes, then starts back over after a while and does the same thing...
  11. I tried shorting the bios pads with a screwdriver but USB Flashback still wouldn't take the .ROM file.
  12. sabishiihito

    [FS] Gigabyte Z270 SOC Force LN2

    Shipping to USA East Coast?
  13. I suck at soldering, especially the tiny components on this board. I wanted to flash with MiniPro Programmer.
  14. I got one of the SOIC SOP8 clips and paired with a TL866CS but the PCIe slot clip interferes with getting a good connection on the BIOS chips.