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  1. The problem is that the board literally doesn't power on. BTW the header on current boards is 11 pin:
  2. Well O15 seems to have killed my board somehow. Flash with FPT went through fine with no errors, but can't power on at all after shut down. Whee! Anyone got an MSI SPI1 cable??
  3. I think the biggest issue is no DRAM VTT option in the BIOS. Some sticks don't like VTT to go over 0.9v so essentially you're limited to 1.8v with those instead of with most other boards where you can set VTT and raise VDIMM.
  4. What features do the XOC Bioses have for MSI mini ITX boards that the retail don't? I have Z390i and I can't tell any differences.
  5. I found beta bios here: https://www.coolaler.com/threads/msi-z390-msi-z390beta-bios.353282/ There is also confirmed evidence of an XOC Bios for the Z390I in this thread: https://www.coolaler.com/threads/msi-z390-z370-itx-ddr4-5000.353160/ Notice T.12. EDIT: found one linked from Toppc's Facebook page: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19K9GMjy1NXVU1oDZOrE_CD2BhTQh5Ced/view?fbclid=IwAR1XHR6WqePXIkgtbEbMaGRYQrEHvTP5KnRHxWXIWz96LoirCGH0VIEp42c
  6. XP support is only really for running 2D benchmarks like SuperPi. Most of the hardware manufacturers stopped making drivers for XP years ago.
  7. It would be interesting to revisit this topic now that we know a lot more about A2 PCB compatibility. Anyone still have any of the Zadak sticks?
  8. Sounds like what happens to me when I try benching at 4600-4800. No amount of SA or IO seems to help, either.
  9. It's possible to buy an add-in PCIe SATA card with an Asmedia controller.
  10. I can't get my SPI flasher to even detect either BIOS chip on my M9A. Using a TL866CS and clip.
  11. I didn't think XP worked at all on this board anyway (well ACPI HAL install at least).
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