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  1. Sorry to hjiack, but if any of the parties also have BIOS for the Z270 LN2 version as well, it'd be much appreciated
  2. Never mind the RTLs, I was just trying it out.
  3. Loss of perf with those timings so loose though
  4. M8I already works with A2 DIMMs.
  5. So are F and G better with 9xxx training those speeds or are the newer BIOSes just worse in general?
  6. sabishiihito

    i9 9980XE

    From all the testing I’ve seen on YouTube from the likes of der8auer and Steve from Gamers Nexus, it’s just a refresh of 7980xe with solder that can’t be delidded without killing the chip, so...yeah.
  7. I have two sets of those and mine are the same, 4133C12 32M not possible.
  8. sabishiihito

    Kaby Lake

    What country?
  9. I hope you guys got free samples and didn't spend $600 on a Z390 board.
  10. sabishiihito

    Hands on DDR4-4600 C18 G.Skill TridentZ RGB

    Looks like you're right, this kit was 4133 and is clearly A2:
  11. sabishiihito

    Hands on DDR4-4600 C18 G.Skill TridentZ RGB

    Xtreem 4000 should be A1 shouldn't it? I know the 4500 kit I had was. https://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/product/xtreem-ddr4
  12. Crazy how high binned B-die kits doesn't guarantee extreme OC ability. I have a lowly set of Trident Z RGB 3600C17 that will happily boot into Windows XP 4133 12-11-11-28 1T, but a kit of Team T-Force Xtreem 4500 wouldn't.
  13. Lovely. Fix for a board I'll never get my hands on without spending copious amounts of $$$ to import. But hey websmile, that tip for the MOCF is working nicely!