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  1. Haven't tried Win 7 32-bit but I don't doubt it would work.
  2. Not sure what they mean by "legacy mode" aside from a boot option (versus UEFI boot). No one is expecting full XP support but they could at least add ACPI support since using XP for benching is practically useless without it.
  3. No ACPI support for Xp so far, which is a shame as the board has better compatibility with short trace PCB memory sticks than the likes of Asus Apex boards (any of them). Also no RTL/IOL options when KBL-X is installed.
  4. 8350K working just fine on M8i with this BIOS. Boots 4133C12 a lot faster than with any SKL or KBL chip I've tested.
  5. No possible way to know until we get some specs.
  6. Were there any such BIOS updates for the Z270i model?
  7. I took the label off and found it. The flash worked but didn't resurrect the board, the CPU socket (or the 8-pin power delivery) is deader than dead.
  8. How do you find out what IC type the board uses?
  9. sabishiihito

    FS: Gskill OCWC B-Die 4133 12-11 Ez

    How much juice for 4133C12 and does it pass 32M?
  10. The same thing happened to my OCFM. I'm not aware of any flashback option.
  11. But no XP support right? So 2D benching isn't much use?
  12. People hoarding OC tools or something???!
  13. sabishiihito

    B-Die Binning

    I pulled out my Impact and tried testing these problematic sticks and I can't get it to boot higher than 3866. Plopped them in the X299 OCF+7740x and boot 4GHz with a bit of fuss. *shrugs* I don't know what to say.
  14. sabishiihito

    B-Die Binning

    What were your subs on that run?
  15. Hello? I know there's a newer version of CCL out there, no one has it??