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  1. Exactly. GTL allows in-OS tuning of frequency and voltages on Gigabyte boards, but currently a version compatible with Z590 hasn't been shared.
  2. Unify-X is reported after flash, but everything works fine.
  3. Unify BIOS works fine on the ACE since it's the same hardware 👍
  4. Hopefully XOC BIOS for the other models will come soon, like ACE and the various Unify boards.
  5. I can confirm the WF bios works on the regular Aorus Xtreme. Would be nice if we could get XOC BIOS for the Z490 boards with RKL support though.
  6. I know MSI Dragon Power for Z590 exists because I saw Shimizu-san using it on a recent MSI testing stream.
  7. sabishiihito

    DDR4 Sell-Out

    Hynix for sure, the question is CJR vs DJR. I'm leaning towards the former as I have a kit of the TT 4000C19 and they're DJR and I can't see wasting that IC on 3600. Also this Chiphell post: https://www.chiphell.com/portal.php?mod=view&aid=22964&page=2&mobile=no
  8. Yes, that one can at least clock 4800C14 if your sticks don't need VTT tuning.
  9. There doesn't seem to be one. I've tested the Aorus and Asrock versions and while they have VTTDDR as an option, they can't clock B-die worth crap.
  10. XOC bios for Z299 Dark Cascade Lake-X only: https://cdn.evga.com/bios/x299/00720T00_CLX_XOC.zip
  11. What exactly does Lucky Mode do? I tested on the ITX Unify with it on/off and didn't see any changes in the timings.
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