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  1. I know Dark has XP specific BIOS, but regular retail BIOS runs XP with ACPI support?
  2. Wish this board had a TB3 header, it'd be perfect then.
  3. How are the Z370 BIOSs ported/modded to work on Z270? I imagine this could be done with other boards, like Maximus IX and X Formula, or MSI Z270i > Z370i since they have essentially the same builds.
  4. Trying to get there. Might have to settle for a UEFI screenshot as it POSTs veeeeeeery slowly and haven't gotten into Windows as of yet.
  5. 9900k. Currently testing 4700C14 now, it POSTs fine assuming the sticks can manage.
  6. 4500 divider even works with that Z370 bios flashed to the board, I just confirmed with a kit of Team Dark.
  7. Not having much success myself with the profiles. It seems like I did better on older BIOS just entering everything by hand.
  8. Depends on your region. I would suggest Team Dark 3200C14 but not 100% sure all are A2.
  9. I think they're proprietary so you'd have to just use jumper cables.
  10. All I could find was the one bundled with the XOC tools: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nic6vrtjab9oo4q/Gigabyte+Z270+TOOLS.rar
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