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Deleted a competition submission, but still have the data...


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Ooops. Was cleaning up on my submissions, and accidently erased my GPUpi 100m submission and with that the rookie rumble entry. I noticed cause I got notified about my new rank :( . Can it be undone, or do I have to live with my mistake.


Yeah I know....darn Rookie ;)


Thanks, Michel (12ax7)

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De Rumble#26. It seems like when the competition is closed, and you delete a submission used in that competition it recalculates. I have deleted by accident a 22sec x5660 submission. As I am probably not the first to do this, there is most probably a standard approach to this. If it's tough luck, I can understand, it's was my own fault. But if there is a procedure to correct it, super. Either way I am ok with it.


In short, 7 days ago, competition was closed with myself @ rank#11. Yesterday, cleaning my submission administration, I deleted the wrong one. After recalculation it pushed me back to rank#19.


Am a rookie (obviously ;) ), just asking since I didn't find this situation in the forum.

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