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OK 5960X and 4x4GB GeiL Super Luce kit


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5960X - 720 EUR shipped to EU or UK. RESERVED

It does 4.7Ghz Cinebench stable at 1.35V and was stable at 4.6Ghz 1.325V for daily usage on RVE. The IMC maxed out with my Crucial 2400mhz CL16 kit at 2666mhz CL11. Not that great considering that the kit does 2800 CL9 on my new one. Cache did 4.5Ghz but I think I was running it at 1.45 or 1.5V for that.


4x4GB GeiL Super Luce 3400 16-18-18-34-2T NO LONGER AVAILABLE

4 sticks for 100 EUR shipped to EU or UK

2 sticks for 60 EUR shipped to EU or UK

I suspect the ICs to be Samsung D-die. The kit hates the RVE and I never got it to do rated spec. I did manage 1500 12-15-15-28-2T at around 1.65V. They should do rated spec on X99-SOC-Champ but I don't have the board so I can't check that.

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