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Question about Submissions and League.


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It's supposed that the 14Th of April i will get moved to Enthusiast, right now i can upload submissions, but what if I upload some benchmarks BEFORE i move to Enthusiast league and the competition is not over? Will my benches be valid when the competition ends even tho i won't be a Novice by that time?

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What if I sub as an enthusiast and gets moved up to extreme before the comp ends, would it still count as well?


Are you trying to be difficult?

I am only telling him what has happened 3 or 4 times before in other comps.

I cannot answer your particular question, but off the top of my head I would say it wouldn't count. You cannot use extreme cooling methods and be in any of the lesser leagues comps. Besides, the moves from rookie to novice and novice to enthusiast are timed moves. The member has no control over that. What you suggest, YOU personally have control of. So, using common sense I will reinforce my stance and say no, your subs will definitely not count.

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