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As per title. Must be complete with no ln2 prep. (Going into a daily).


Px with rve/champ/ocf/xpower possible.



I have a brand new m8e, about 2 weeks old. I killed one and bought another but it's too expensive so I might just stick with the ocf. It's on water cooling right now just gaming. The OC Panel has never even been turned on. I was just about to prep for cold but I ordered an ocf and will be here saturday. I can send some pics, it's the computer I'm using now. it even still has whatever plastic comes on the heat sinks.


I will also probably sell my 81% asic 980 ti kpe. Would definitely give a deal for both, but I did prep the 980 ti for cold but it's perfectly clean now. I'm using it for fallout 4 and nba2k16 as we speak. It's pretty insane, does 1575mhz gaming easily.


I wish I wouldnt have ordered ocf already, we could have worked out a trade.

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Shoot me a PM with price shipped to UK for board only and board & gpu.


What does mem clock to? (not a deal breaker)


it's done 8200mhz firestrike easily at 1.75v, but lately I have been addicted to gaming so I have just tried to set it at 8000mhz to make sure I dont crash in the middle of a long fallout session. But it's setup right now with a uni block on the m8e so I can send some screenshots of what it does gaming and what it does benching max.


I can get you some quotes, no big deal on gpu, just figured I would mention it, I just havent had enough money to really bench it. It's so frustrating, but the mobo is brand new with oc panel box and accessories, I'm so dumb and forgot you were in uk, the box is huge. I can still get some quotes though.

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