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im stuck trying to flash the f6x on my ud4...


with q-flash utility i get the error message: "invalid bios image"

with @bios the software crashes after reading 100% of the bios file.


tried the f6x provided by massman and pt1t from here: http://hwbot.org/forum/showpost.php?p=87044&postcount=9


what am i doing wrong?



edit: trying right now dinos suggested bios flash tool from here: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showpost.php?p=4695291&postcount=27


will report back later...

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wow, thanks for the fast response.

im still on xp... superpi-purpose you know :D


still have no clue, why the q-flash tool didnt work.


anyway, i used the "old" @bios tool from the gigabyte driver disk, which came with the mainbaord...

the new version linked in my last edit worked now.


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just played around with the ud4 and 2600k.


cpu is capable of 5,1ghz (51x100) (3dmark06 cpu-test stable) with the following settings:


internal cpu pll overvoltage: enabled

real time ratio changes in os: disabled

intel turbo boost tech.: auto

turbo ratios: auto

turbo power limit (watts): 1000 (auto works fine for me too)

core current limits (amps): 500 (auto works fine for me too)

cpu cores enabled: all

cpu multi threading: enabled

cpu enhanced halt (c1e): disabled

c3/c6 state support: disabled

cpu thermal monitor: disabled

cpu eist function: disabled

bi-directional prochot: auto


voltage settings:

load line calibration: enabled

cpu vcore: 1,50v

qpi/vtt voltage: 1,12v ("normal" works fine for me too)

system agent voltage: 1,135v ("normal" works fine for me too)

everything else: auto


achieved with watercooler (single radiator in cold water was necessary as the load temperatures above 70 degree celsius resulted in crashing 3dmark06)


for 5,2ghz i raised the vcore to 1,55volt

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